Demi Lovato may be joining fellow celebrities in the one trend that they can’t seem to understand that is a horrible idea – nude photo scandals. Seriously, you’d think they’d get that these things always seem to backfire!

Celebslam is claiming to have photos of Demi and the seller is looking to negate prices to release even more photos. There’s word to be at least 20 different racy pictures and the site posted a teaser photo as an example. The seller told the site that he has “nude/sexual photos of Demi Lovato” for sale that involve not only her, but also another woman that had an alleged fling with the star “for some time on and off.”

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The seller also revealed that Demi is bisexual and explained that once she started her relationship with Wilder Valderrama, the girl involved in the “fling” called it off because “she didn’t like being played,” and then sent the photos to the seller.

Now, we’re not saying that that it is actually Demi in the photos but it does look quite a bit like her and resembles the same tattoos. No word from the star yet and we’re curious if we’ll even hear from the star. She’s stepped away from her Disney beginnings, but could this really hurt her career? Former Disney star Vanessa Hudges had the same issue years ago after her nude photos surfaced and while she did face public embarrassment, her career didn’t necessary suffer.

What do you think? Could it be Demi in the pictures?

And if so, do you think that it’ll hurt her career?