At least he’s not naïve about it!

When Harry Styles signed up to be Taylor Swift’s boyfriend last December, we all knew that if they called it quits, a breakup song would without a doubt be included on her next album. Well, that breakup happened and we’re waiting ever-so-patient to hear all the details in Taylor’s songwriting styles – even Harry is expecting it!

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He spoke to Us Weekly about the relationship that ended last January, saying, “It would be hypocritical for me to say she couldn’t do it because everybody writes songs based on personal experience. I can’t say I’d have dated someone less famous to avoid it.”

While he admitted that he’s not really nervous about everything unfolding in a song, he joked, “at least she’s a good songwriting!” Touche, Styles.

The former couple will reunite at this weekend’s 2013 MTV Video Music Awards where they both presenting. We’re super curious as to how the seating arrangements will work out, especially since Ed Sheeran, who is also attending, is pals with the both of them. Will he have to choose who to sit next to? Will he sit in between them? Awkward!

What do you think about Harry’s comments on Taylor’s songs?

And do you think we’ll have an awkward run-in this weekend?