BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark strikes again with his super awkward but ever-so adorable interview styles and this time, We Are the Millers star Jennifer Aniston gets to partake in this viral video.

Sitting down the gorgeous star, Chris, who doesn’t seem as nervous compared to his infamous Mila Kunis chat, dishes her on what research went into her role as a stripper, why females are so in love with Ryan Gosling (now that’s a silly question) and even gave her a Watford FC football (soccer) shirt. It’s cute, it’s awkward and Jen is such a good sport!

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Chris caught everyone’s attention back in March when he sat down for his first press junket interview with Mila for Oz: The Great and Powerful – even Mila fell in love with him.

Keeping everyone laughing by always going off topic, talking about his friends – who sound like a total blast, by the way – and always keeping the stars on their toes, Chris rules in our book. And just for old times sake, please watch his super-awkward interview with Mila.

What did you think of Chris’ chat with Jennifer?

And which of his interviews was the best? Mila or Jen?