Justin Bieber has been making headlines these past few months for starting brawls outside nightclubs, spitting on fans, reckless driving – the list goes on. But we all seem to forget what a kind heart he has, especially when it comes to his fans. In fact, he’s getting nothing but positive press today after breaking a record that has nothing to do music.

Justin has worked closely with the Make-A-Wish foundation and just granted his 200th wish, breaking the foundation’s record and becoming the first ever recording artist to grant that many wishes. Watch the adorable clip of JB and his 200th wisher, 8-year-old Annalysha Brown-Rafanan.

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Justin has been a part of the Make-A-Wish foundation since 2009 and has been granting wishes at almost every stop. David Williams, president and CEO of Make-A-Wish America gives Bieber nothing but praise for always making time to make a special fan smile. “Despite his relentless schedule, Justin has been genuinely committed to granting wishes since the very beginning and a strong support of Make-A-Wish,” he said. “Justin understands the impact on a child of a wish-come-true and how it can create positive changes in their outlook, help them feel better, and even influence their health.”

Justin tweeted about meeting his 200th wisher, Annalysha, writing, “This is what it is about… once of the best moments I’ ve ever had.”

Bravo, Biebs. Bravo!

Do you think more celebs should be as giving as Justin?