What’s one way to bond with her fellow co-star? Well, according to Liam Hemsworth, it’s gorging yourselves with White Castle and then throwing it up. This isn’t really one we want to try.

The Aussie star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his new thriller Paranoia and explained what American film inspired him to step into the acting world and how he and Josh Hutcherson actually bonded over it.

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Explaining one of the first American movies that made him want to go into acting was Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (amazing), Liam was bound and determined to visit the fast food chain when he was filming the very first Hunger Games.

Josh taking him on for his first experience, the two “bought three or four of these briefcases” of burgers, ate them all and then “went out to his garden and we threw up together.”

Liam added, “This was our first real bonding experience, we really became good friends.” That’s disgusting and pretty hilarious – at the same time.

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