Based on the one-minute trailer that premiered during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Divergent is looking like it’s bound for Hunger Games success. Move over, Katniss Everdeen – Tris Prior is the new badass chick in town.

Chelsea Briggs caught up with Miles Teller who plays Peter in the upcoming flick and he dished on how he prepared for the role, working with Shailene Woodley and how he hopes readers-turned-movie-goers look at Peter in a different light.

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Miles has a track record of always going for the likeable, funny characters, such as Footloose, 21 and Over, The Spectacular Now, etc. So taking on the role of Peter, who isn’t exactly a fan favorite, was one challenge. “I’ve always played very likeable characters, so for me, it’s tough to make a guy who stabs somebody in the eye likeable. So that was the challenge with it,” he said. “I grew up with two older sisters who used to pick on me all the time and I feel like that’s kind of the relationship I have with Tris a little bit and that I pick on her – I bully on her.”

One goal for Miles as Peter? “I hope that people that didn’t like Peter in the book, he’ll grow on them.”

Are you excited to see Miles in Divergent?

And do you think he can make Peter a favorite?