There's only one word to describe Miley Cyrus controversial performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards: shocking.

Miley took the stage after hinting days before that her act would “f—k our s—t up” and it was, well… interesting.


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Coming out of a giant teddy bear wearing a cartoon one-piece and mini buns on top of her head, she danced around the stage proactively and did some things to a foam finger that should never be done. Yes there was twerking, yes there was grinding, yes we all felt uncomfortable.

And just when we thought she’s done, she stripped off to a nude colored two piece – pretty much her underwear – and grinded all over Robin Thicke for his performance of “Blurred Lines.” What the hell happened on that stage?

The best part of the whole performance was seeing the audience react to the performance. One Direction and Rihanna’s blank stares just had to be one of the best.

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If we had to find something positive about the whole thing, it’s the fact that she’s at least comfortable in her own skin and not afraid to take risks and be herself. That’s good… right?

What did you think of Miley’s performance?

Did you absolutely love it or despise it?