No Monday blues here! It’s the start of a brand new week and we’ve got brand new music crush that we just have to tell you about!

Bonnie McKee might as well be the ultimate pop dream, writing some of the biggest tunes in the music biz and working with some of the biggest artists, like Katy Perry and Britney Spears. But she’s now ready to step out on her own. Chelsea Briggs lists all the reasons why you totally be listening to Bonnie in this week’s Monday Music Crush!

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Bonnie’s first attempt at going solo happened back in 2004 with her album “Trouble,” but she soon stepped behind-the-scenes and began working with the biggest names in music. She’s also BFFs and co-writing pals with Ms. Katy Perry, writing for both of her smash-hit albums.

Wanting to try her hand at going solo again, she did it the best way possible – by releasing her “American Girl” music video that featured celebs like, Katy, Macklemore, Adam Lambert, Ke$ha and more! Her album doesn’t have a release just yet but if it’s anything like her previous hits, it’ll no doubt be at the top of the charts!

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Are you crushin’ on Bonnie too?