Apparently fans of One Direction just love to throw the most random items they can find at them while on stage. The latest? Um… a tampon. What?!

Chelsea Briggs explains more in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Seriously, Directioners, what’s with throwing stuff at 1D on stage? Let’s not forget the infamous show-to-Harry’s-crotch incident that went down a few months ago. We’ve also seen bras, necklaces and now tampons.

Yes, we get it’s one way to get the guys attention, but we’re just going to say it – that’s gross. Justin Bieber also had a strange object thrown at him during a recent concert – a fan’s cell phone. After the Beliebers threw her personal phone on stage, instead of giving it back right away, Justin put it down his pants. Yup, that happened.

What do you think about fans throwing random items on stage? Funny or not cool?