We already know that One Direction knows how to strut it on the catwalk thanks to recent concert footage, but will we be seeing them alongside models during this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

Chelsea Briggs brings all the details on this in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Gorgeous supermodels and the hottest boy band on the planet? Sounds like one epic night! While this news hasn’t been confirmed yet, rumors are floating around that 1D could be the performing act at this year’s VS Fashion Show!

It seems like every year they always go for the biggest acts to provide the musical entertainment during the big night, like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Bruno Mars. So it only makes sense to have 1D at this year’s show, right? A source opened up to The Sun about the rumor, saying, "Bigwigs at the Victoria’s Secret and the television network CBS, which broadcasts the show, have been having meetings with the band and management. It’s being said they pretty much have it in the bag as they were sold on their personalities.”

As epic as this sounds, VS has made a statement saying that it’s not 100 percent confirmed and we won’t know who the performers will be until October. But think about it – they’ve had a monumental year and they have their third album coming out around the same time as the show. It could totally happen!

Would you like to see the boys take the runway for the VS Fashion Show?

Or would it make you too jealous?