Hope you weren’t planning on purchasing your first bottle of One Direction’s fragrance "Our Moment" on Friday!

The fellas have joined the long list of celebrities who debut their own fragrance line and according to reports, Directioners are so excited that the perfume now has a waiting list – and it’s not even out yet! According to Vogue UK, "Our Moment" will launch exclusively on Harrods this Friday but it’s already sold out.

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They’re going to need to pump out more pink bottles because the PR company for the fragrance only set out four testers total to British journalists. Four!

August continues to be National One Direction Month with not only the guys releasing "Our Moment," but wrapping up the North American leg of their Take Me Home tour, releasing their official autobiography Where We Are and there’s something else we’re forget. Hm, what would it be? Oh yeah – they’re 3D concert documentary This Is Us!

The five lads have been promoting their flick like crazy and premiered it in London today for all their devoted Directioners. Advanced screenings for the film are scheduled this week all across the country and by the looks it, many of them are already sold out! Yup, August is a good month for 1D.

Are you surprised about 1D’s fragrance having a wait list?

Will you be getting on that wait list?