It’s Selena Gomez vs. Taylor Swift for a music video battle! Now, obviously these are two are the ultimate celeb BFF’s but when both of their videos are filmed in Paris, they’re just asking for a battle! So, whose Paris vid is better? Selena’s “Slow Down” or Taylor’s “Begin Again?”

Chelsea Briggs battles it out in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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These two videos are complete opposites of each other, one showing Paris nightlife while the other shows romance in the day time. Selena’s “Slow Down” is her latest music video and definitely shows her more adult side, dancing in nightclubs and strutting her stuff in the streets. I dare you not to dance along to this one.

While Taylor on the other hand is all about the love in “Begin Again.” We get to see two lovebirds find love in, well, the romantic city of them all! Showing beautiful outdoor shots of Paris and watching a couple fall in love in a café – it’s an ah-mazing vid!

Whose Paris music video are you digging? Selena’s or Taylor’s?