We recently got a look at Selena Gomez’s action thriller Getaway and now with the release of a second trailer, we’re getting more and more stoked for this flick!

Playing a carjacker, Selena gets herself into the wrong car at the wrong time as Ethan Hawke is on the race of time to save his wife from a kidnapper.

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Making only a few changes from the first trailer, this one offers more of Ethan’s super crazy driving skills, more of the creepy voice and more screen time for Selena.

Since the entire movie is pretty much involved with driving – at least for Ethan – so sitting in the passenger seat of a car for the majority of filming had to get a little old after a while, right? Selena opened up about the experience to Winnipeg Free Press and admitted that working alongside Ethan made it a bit easier.

“It got a little uncomfortable after the first week of being in the car. But Ethan and I would go over the scenes outside the car and we’d walk around and share our lines together,” she said. “We’d go over and over and over them. We found ways to break that a little bit because it does kind of stale and it was uncomfortable, but otherwise, it was really fun and Ethan was really supportive of helping me kind of get in and out of it when I needed to.”

Getaway hits theaters on August 30th!

Will you be checking out Selena’s action thriller?