When fans saw Mumford and Sons recent tweet that read, “We are delighted to present you the new video for the song Hopeless Wanderer,” we all go super excited. That is, until we all realized that something was… different about this video compared to their previous ones.

That difference? Well, it wasn’t Mumford and Sons at all. In fact, some of the best comedic actors teamed up and made one of the best music video parodies. Watch Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms and Will Forte channel their inner Mumford and Sons.

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Jason Sudeikis didn’t star in just one viral video over the weekend – he starred in two! He played the part of Ted Lasso, an American football coach who’s named the head coach of Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Yup, a soccer coach that doesn’t quite realize that he’s coaching a completely different sport. Needless to say, he doesn’t hold the job for too long.

Which viral video from last weekend is your favorite?