Well, here’s the creepiest thing you’ll hear all day!

Jennifer Lopez found an unexpected visitor in her Hamptons home – 49-year-old John Dubis! The man allegedly stayed in her the guest house at her summer home for six days earlier this month without anyone even noticing. What’s crazy is J-Lo’s home was being guarded by security and he still managed to go unnoticed.

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According to the New York Post, one of Jennifer’s house employee’s took notice of John on August 8th where he claimed he was her divorce husband. Obviously the employee didn’t buy it and called the police on the “stalker.”

It was later on that he told authorities that he was the father of Jennifer’s children and he was given the okay by the singer to stay in the guest house. He was then taken in for psychiatric evaluation.

What do you think about this super creepy story?

Are you surprised he was able to get away from staying there for six days?