Alright pop stars out there, we need to have a little chat – about your teeth! Well, what you put on your teeth to be more specific. Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are just a few of the latest stars to jump on the grill bandwagon. Yup, we’re talking actually putting gold diamonds on their teeth.

Now before you run out and spend the money that you probably don’t have to be a part of this trend, Chelsea Briggs has to ask one question – WTF?

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Grills have been a part of the hip-hop world for a few decades now, but pop stars are throwing their hard-earned money into their orthodontist’s hands to get custom fit grills for themselves. Miley, for example, shows off her sparkle teeth for her “We Can’t Stop” music video and even showed off all three from her collection. Yup, Miley has three grills.

They come in all shapes and colors – and carats – and we just can’t seem to wrap our heads about this one. How are we even supposed to be a part of this? Regular people can’t afford these things!

So, the WTF Lesson of the Day is this: Put your money where your mouth is, not literally in your mouth!

What do you think of this grill trend?