Guys, we need to have an intervention – a twerking intervention.

It seems like this latest dance craze is all celebrities can do these days. From Miley Cyrus to Harry Styles to Rihanna, twerking is taking over the pop culture world and it must be stopped.

Our very own Chelsea Briggs has one question for all you twerkers out there: WTF?!

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Twerking has been around for quite some time but it seems like Miley is the one who’s brought it to all of our attention. Please watch her unicorn onesie video above for the example. From then on, it’s all people can talk about and it seems everyone wants to find out whether other stars can do this booty shaking dance as well as she can.

Look, twerking is fun and all but maybe we should keep it to a minimum. You know, those moments where it’s really, really necessary would probably be best.

So what’s the WTF Lesson of the Day? Dance like nobody’s watching, Twerk like it’s going to be secretly recorded and posted on the Internet… because it will.

What do you think of this twerking craze that’s happening?

Loving it or completely over it?