Clearly the breakup between Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks was a messy one. Just days after she confirmed her relationship with The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes, Jai’s brothers took to the Twitter for a few vent sessions that look like were aimed at the songstress.

Luke Brooks kicked things off by writing, "Mhhhhmmmm ehhh Nahhhhriana” and followed it with, "Who remembers the advice I gave once? 'Don't be a stupid ho.’” Yikes! Bitter much? Ariana responded by taking the high road, writing, "I was raised to never speak poorly or spread false rumors about anybody...Sending light and kindness to everyone in my path.”

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Well, Beau Brooks had this to say to Ariana’s tweet: "I was raised to believe that everyone deserves what they put into life." Frankie Grande, Ariana’s brother, joined in on the battle with his Twitter rant that went like this: "Anybody who believes that rumor about my sister needs to pause. Open their eyes and remember how much she loved him. He CRUSHED her w/ a phone breakup and to see Ari that miserable broke MY heart. It was a sad time for us all. I've nothing bitter or negative to say because my sisters finally happy again and ultimately that's all that matters. But spreading lies to get over a broken heart is just as bad as breaking someone's heart in the first place & I'd appreciate it not happen."

After all that, Jai finally stepped in to respond to Frankie, writing, "don't u dare fu*king talk about me when u don't know sh*t. i havnt said anything. why do you feel the need to?" He wrapped it all up by writing, "When someone says sh*t to try and make me look bad, I am 100% going to stick up for myself. I don't care what anyone else says.”

To conclude today’s Twitter feud, we would like to tell you that pretty much all of these tweets have been deleted. But thanks to the beauty of screenshots, the world will forever know that this all went down.

Who do you believe in this breakup drama?

Ariana or Jai?