There are so many different One Direction song covers floating around YouTube that it’s hard to choose a favorite, right? Well, we’ve narrowed it down to three spectacular versions and we’re putting them against each other for a very special 1D cover showdown!

Chelsea Briggs brings you the covers in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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The girls of CImorelli have some sisterly fun at a playground while they show off their vocal chops with their version of 1D’s “One Thing.” Slides, rides and a little acrobatics? Check, check and check! Meanwhile, Megan Nicole takes it to the pier with her closest pals while covering “Live While We’re Young.” Um, did you see her “Gangam Style” dance she threw in there? Finally, our favorite twins Megan and Liz take us back with the classic “What Makes You Beautiful,” sporting black and white looks and insane harmonizing skills.

Time to choose! Which 1D cover gets your vote?

Cimorelli? Megan Nicole? Megan and Liz?