Let’s all close our eyes and imagine something. Now, you were one of the biggest pop stars in the entire world and while you were on stage doing your musical thing, a very, very excited fan grabs you and tries to pull you off the stage into the crowd. What would you do? Probably throw the fan out, right? Well, that’s not what Beyoncé does.

During a Mrs. Carter concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday, Bey was kneeling down to get nice and intimate with her fans during her performance of “Irreplaceable.” She was then grabbed and almost pulled into the crowd by one overly excited fan! While she didn’t actually fall into the crowd, security quickly came to her rescue and what did she do? She just jumped right back up and continued singing, without missing a beat!

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But what’s even more impressive than Beyoncé not missing a single note was the fact that as security was trying to escort the fan out, she stopped them to introduce herself to him! As she shook his hand, she said, “Nice to meet you. Thank you, I love you too.”

This isn’t the first time that one of Queen Bey’s fans got a little too eager to get close to the superstar – let’s not forget that whole booty touching incident. This also isn’t the first time that she’s encountered a scary incident and continued on with the show. Remember the time she got her hair caught in an electrical fan and she KEPT ON SINGING?

Bow down. Bow down.

What do you think about how Beyoncé handled the fan?

Should they have been kicked out?