Over three weeks later and we’re still talking about Miley Cyrus’ infamous twerk-fest performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, expect today, we’re talking about how it could be affecting her career.

Rumor mills – a.k.a. The Daily Mail -- are pumping out the report that Miles actually had her Vogue cover pulled following the on-stage act after editor-in-chief Anna Wintour found it completely distasteful. But what’s the real truth behind this? According to Us Weekly, it’s a kinda-sorta situation going on.

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According to sources, Miley’s Vogue cover was actually never really set in stone in the first place, therefore, there’s no cover to be pulled after all. Sources tell omg! that it was all just a “possibility” but after everything that went down the night of the VMAs has turned that “possibility” into a “hell no.”

Miley’s re, as well as Vogue, haven’t made comments on this rumor so for now, this will stay just that – a rumor. Plus, sources close to Miley say that she was never scheduled for a cover and hasn’t even done the photo shoot.

But the fact that Vogue has the reputation of people classy, conservative, high-school and prestigious, we kind of wouldn’t be surprise if Anna pulled this move.

Do you think people are seriously overreacting to Miley’s VMA performance three weeks later?

Or could it be true about her losing the cover?