Jimmy Kimmel, you are a genius.

So last week, a video that was dubbed the most epic “twerking fail” of all time went viral like nobody’s business. What we saw was a girl in her living room, attempting to twerk on her front door, only to have her roommate walk in. What happened next? Well, the girl fell onto the coffee table, which of course had lite candles on it, causing her to catch on fire.

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While we were sharing this video with her friends, family, co-workers, etc., Jimmy and Daphne Avalon were having quite the laugh watching this all go down. As it turns out, Jimmy was the mastermind behind this viral video, creating it two months ago with stuntwoman Daphne!

Bringing “Caitlin Heller” on his late-night talk show last night to talk about her epic fail, Jimmy revealed to his viewers, and the entire Internet world, that this was simply just a hoax!

What’s so smart about all of this is when Jimmy and Daphne created the video two months ago, they didn’t even send it to anyone. Nope, they simple just posted it on YouTube six days ago and now it has over 10 million views and was one of the hottest trending topics that every news outlet just had to cover.

As Jimmy says, “Good thing nothing is happening in Syria right now.” Hopefully, this really does put an end to twerking!

Did Jimmy fool you with this twerking hoax?