Miley Cyrus is the one celebrity that nobody can seem to stop talking about. Whether it’s her music videos, her appearances, her new look or her care-less attitude, she seems to get brought up in all topics of conversation, including Today’s interview with Justin Timberlake.

Justin has been in the industry for quite some time now – for 2/3’s of his life to be exact – so he’s seen artists cause buzz in entertainment and sometimes, not even for their music. Remember Britney Spears during her earlier, controversial, growing up days? During his sit down interview with Matt Lauer this morning, JT voiced his opinion on Miley and how he understands where she’s coming from.

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“I don’t know that I have a definitive thought in one direction or the other about it. I think she’s really smart, and I think she’s really talented,” he said about the media being too hard on Miley. “I’m not saying I agree with the presentation, but I also feel like every 10 to 15 years we pick somebody that this is what we’re going to do with them, is we’re going to make them the model of who we want our daughters to be or not to be.” Yup, that would be Miley right now!

Justin’s ex Britney definitely knows what that feels like, especially after her 2000 MTV VMA performance that caused a stir, making people realize that she definitely wasn’t a little girl anymore. Miley chatted with Britney about her very own VMA performance, saying, “Everyone takes the VMAs so serious, and I just wanna come out and shoot a hot dog gun. I just wanna have fun!”

Do you agree with Justin?

And do you think the media is being too hard on Miley?