We love YouTube covers and we absolutely love YouTube covers that feature our favorite twins, Megan and Liz! The girls took a break from their super busy tour schedule to take on Katy Perry’s smash single “Roar,” but is it better than the original?

Chelsea Briggs shows you the video in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Katy’s “Roar” is her biggest single to date and the video is pretty rad, but Megan and Liz are giving her a run for her money with the home video cover. Kicking things off in an empty pool, the girls put an acoustic twist on the sing with their band, leading into videos of their life on tour. Um, how fun does it look to hang with these two?

What do you think of Megan and Liz’s cover of “Roar?”

Is it better than Katy’s?