It's a wild and crazy day for Katy Perry.

Just hours after beating out Robin Thicke for the #1 Billboard Spot for her power anthem "Roar," the music video for the smash hit single hits YouTube. And it's Tarzan-tastic.

The jungle-themed video is not much of a surprise after seeing the teaser last week, but we have to give Katy props for fully committing to her vine-swinging, wild-animal loving performance. I mean, how many pop stars can give a crocodile a bath while looking so fabulous? Just one. That's Katy.

This video is getting us excited for Katy's upcoming album Prism. "Roar" is only first single off her third studio album and we're sure it's only the beginning of a series of killer songs from the hit-making pop queen.

Thoughts on the video?! Is it fun or cheesy??