It’s boys against girls in this week’s Battle of the Boy Band and we’ve got too of our favorite British groups going head-to-head – Little Mix and The Wanted! The gals released a brand new single and the fellas took over Las Vegas for the iHeartRadio Music Festival. So who had the better week?

Chelsea Briggs breaks in down in this week’s Battle of the Boy Band!

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First up, the spunky and sassy gals of Little Mix! They had one hell of a week by releasing their brand new, ‘90s-inspired single “Move” that we’ve been 100 percent obsessed with since we first heard it. As the lead single off their upcoming sophomore album (yay!), it’s filled with powerhouse vocals, killer beat and catchy lyrics. Along with music, they also launched their Collection makeup line, making all of our dreams come true since we’ve been envious of these girls’ looks for quite some time.

Next up, The Wanted! They headed to Sin City to perform at the iHeartRadio Music Festival Village and lucky for us, we had the pleasure of chatting it up with these hilarious fellas. It was definitely a highlight of our trip! Also, um can we talk about our new favorite celebrity couple? Nathan Sykes announced he’s definitely in a relationship with the oh-so-adorable and super talented Ariana Grande. Even though we’ve had a feeling this was true for a while, we’re so excited!

Time’s up! Now you have to pick a side! Who had the better week?

Little Mix or The Wanted?