Once again, Miley Cyrus asked and Smilers delivered. The star has been making it a routine to reward her fans when they accomplish what she asked – getting her YouTube views up, getting her to a certain number of Twitter followers, etc. Her latest quest was to get her “Wrecking Ball” music video to 150 million views and by golly they did it!

In return, Miley gave her Smilers the director’s cut of the video, which was done by infamous celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. While we thought we’d be seeing a whole lot more of Miley physically (as if it was possible), we actually got to see more of her emotionally.

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In the original video, Miley started it off with a close-up shot of her, vulnerable and emotional, then went straight into her licking a sledgehammer and straddling a wrecking ball in the nude. But this version is way more PG-rated as it’s all of her face, getting more and more teary-eyed as the video goes on. This is definitely refreshing to see considering it’s what we thought the original version was going to be when we first started watching it.

Miley covers the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine and in the in-depth interview, which took place prior to “Wrecking Ball’s” video release, she reveals that those tears are 100 percent real. “That was real,” Miley says proudly. “My dog just passed away.”

During her two appearances at iHeartRadio Music Festival last weekend, she broke down crying when she performed the song twice. But something tells us that those tears didn’t have to do with her pup, but more with her ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

What do you think of Miley’s new “Wrecking Ball” video?

Do you prefer this version or the original?