Sure, Monday’s can be a bit of a downer but you know we always have your back to bring you something new and fantastic to brighten up your day with our little weekly segment, Monday Music Crush!

Chelsea Briggs is back, listing the five reasons why you should totally be head-over-heels in love with the handsome Danish trio known as New Politics! So, are you ready to crush? Yeah, we thought so!

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Getting together back in 2009, the three fellas got their major start this year thanks to their hit single “Harlem” that we have yet to return off repeat. Yup, it’s just that good! Releasing their second studio album A Bad Girl In Harlem last May that’s just filled to the brim of punk-pop tracks that will certainly make you want to get up and dance prove that New Politics aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Plus, I mean, have you see these guys? They’re pretty nice to look at!

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Are you crushing on New Politics?