Okay Directioners, don’t freak out we may have a new couple alert on our hands – Harry Styles and supermodel Cara Delevigne… again. That’s the latest rumor that’s floating around the Internet and we’re dishing all the details!

Chelsea Briggs explains more in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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So should Hara be their new couple name? Harry and Cara have known each other for a while now and there were even rumors of them getting together last year. Well, fast forward a year later and this rumored couple is back again. The two were spotted spending quality time together this week, even catching a play in London.

“He really likes her and has been saying that he wants to be exclusive with her. He says he wants them to be boyfriend and girlfriend,” a source told E! News. “But right now, Cara is not sure what to do. They are seeing each other though, casually, and are actually very cute together. Their friends think it could work out… He’s really chasing her, but she’s a really busy girl.”

Harry more into Cara than Cara is into Harry? Seems kind of crazy, right? But honestly, these two could possibly make an adorable couple!

What do you think? Do you ship Hara?