We might as well just call fall Bieber season instead.

Justin Bieber has been teasing new music for months now and we know because we feel like we’ve been waiting for “Heartbreaker” to come into our lives for ages. But, thankfully, his trusty manager and right-hand man Scooter Braun announced that we’ll be getting brand new music from the Biebs next month! Oh, and just a little movie on Christmas. Um, best Christmas present ever?

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“and yes... @justinbieber gives u some new music in October until December and then a special movie on Christmas,” Scooter tweeted yesterday. “...provided we finish the movie on time @jonmchu.”

Director Jon Chu, who was behind Justin’s first major film debut Never Say Never (maybe you've heard of it?) replied, “@scooterbraun hahaha I'm working on it!!! Can't wait for u to see the new stuff in the movie :)” OMG, you guys. New Bieber music next month and another movie?! Is this real life?

We’re beyond stoked for this news and we’ll be expecting plenty of collaborations on Justin’s new record – now just give us the release date, album title, cover art, track listing and maybe a single or two to hold us over. Pretty please? And we do have one, tiny request for the album cover: please lose the 'stache Justin. Just... please.

Which JB news are you more excited for?

New music or new movie?