It’s a great week to be a Directioner and a Mixer – we got new music from our two favorite British groups! One Direction’s “Diana” got the leak treatment while Little Mix released their brand new track “Move.” But the big question of the day is this: which one do you love more?

Chelsea Briggs gives you a listen to both of them in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Alright, pinning 1D and LM against each other may seem like a crazy idea but it just had to happen. Directioners went crazy when word spread like wildfire that their song “Diana” had leaked on the web (whether it was on purpose or not we’re still unsure about). As we should have expected from 1D, it’s rad and we’re pretty much obsessed with it already. Fingers crossed it makes an appearance on Midnight Memories!

Next up, our four favorite ladies from the U.K. released “Move,” the first single off their sophomore, dropping in a couple months! Little Mix takes us back to the ‘90s with this one and clearly Mixers are fans of it – it trended worldwide within minutes of its debut!

Which single made your week?

1D’s or Little Mix’s?