We were all super stoked when we found out that One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson would be joining Doncaster Rovers as an official player and then completely bummed when he seriously injured himself during a charity game last week. But while we’re all patiently waiting for Lou to heal up so he can get on the field, word has it that 1D’s management actually want him to give up the sport!

Chelsea Briggs breaks down the details in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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We all know that Louis would be absolutely crushed if he actually had to give up his favorite sport, but rumor has it that 1D’s management don’t want him to take anymore chances. “1D bosses don’t want to take any chances, so they have told him to give it up,” a source said. “If he seriously hurts himself it could affect the rest of the band.” Yikes! And unfortunately for him, being a part of the biggest boy band in the world puts him at a disadvantage. “Players think of Louis as a squeaky-clean pop star and target him on the pitch.”

Just knowing how gutted Louis was when he had to back out of this week’s Doncaster game, we can imagine how upset he’ll be if this news is true.

What do you think about management trying to step in and tell Louis to stop playing?