We’re all just so excited about One Direction’s new album Midnight Memories so we really shouldn’t be that surprised that one of the fellas’ new songs got leaked over the weekend.

The Internet was all abuzz on Saturday when “Diana” was posted, giving us a sneak peek at what we can expect from 1D’s new album. While we’re not sure whether this is the finished version or even if the song will be featured on Midnight Memories but any new song from our favorite British lads makes us happy!

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We still have two months until we get to hear Midnight Memories in full – with or without “Diana” – but from what we’ve been hearing about the album, the guys are going for an edgier and more rock sound. Plus, our favorite blonde Irishman makes an appearance while showing off his guitar skills. Niall Horan tweeted, "If you listen to Midnight Memories you might hear someone you know on guitar occasionally!... I like playing the guitar a good bit!"

What do you think of “Diana?”

Do you see it as their next single?