You don’t mess with Oprah!

Lindsay Lohan sat down with Oprah Winfrey for her very first interview post-rehab and signed a $2 million deal for an eight-part documentary series to air on OWN just a few months ago. But clearly LiLo is still up to her no-show ways since she’s been bailing on filming for the show, which obviously made Oprah not happy!

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According to TMZ, Oprah actually showed up to Dina Lohan’s house in Long Island to have a little chit chat with Lindsay. She pretty much gave her an ultimatum: even straighten up and get to work or she can say goodbye to that $2 million paycheck. Yikes!

But, in typical Lindsay fashion, she had plenty of excuses to throw at O as to they she was slacking on the job, which had to do with apartment hunting, finishing other projects, miscommunication, etc. She may be able to pull those stunts with anyone but not with Oprah!

But in the end, Lindsay got the message loud and clear and has been following the rules for nearly a month. But don’t think that Oprah will let it slide again!

Are you really surprised by Lindsay’s work behavior?

And are you surprised that Oprah is giving her another shot?