One paparrazo felt the wrath of Nicole Kidman in New York City after crashing into her on his bike while he was trying to get that “money shot.” As Nicole was walking into the Carlyle Hotel after leaving the Calvin Klein show at New York Fashion Week, freelance photographer Carl Wu came speeding on his bike, crashing right into her.

Sources tell TMZ that Carl looked like he was trying to hit his brakes, but obviously that didn’t work too well, causing him to hit her, both falling to the ground. Watch the video of the incident here.

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Immediately following the attack, Nicole, who didn’t have any visible injuries, can be heard asking her security team to get his name and reportedly wanted to press charges. But unfortunately for the star, cops are saying they’ll only be writing Carl a ticket for riding his bike on the sidewalk, but not for a criminal offense. “An accident’s an accident,” a cop told TMZ.

Celebrities have been very vocal about the paparazzi being too aggressive and forceful when it comes to getting their photos. Justin Bieber was involved in an incident last year that left one photographer dead after chasing him on a California freeway.

Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner are just two stars who are urging California lawmakers to impose tougher laws when it comes to paparazzi harassing stars and their children and both testified before the Assembly Judiciary Committee on SB606. The bill’s main focus is to protect celebrities’ children from photographers.

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