One Direction + Pharrell = one seriously epic collaboration!

Pharrell spilled the details that he could maybe-possibly be teaming up with the 1D fellas on their highly-anticipated third album Midnight Memories and Simon Cowell could be the mastermind behind it all! Since Simon usually always gets what he wants, him wanting Pharrell to team up with 1D could happen just in time for November 25th.

“We are definitely talking. From what I’ve heard of their new stuff I’m pleasantly surprised,” Pharrell told UK’s Daily Mirror. “Their new stuff is definitely a progression and an elevation. I will hopefully be getting involved as we are definitely in talks.”

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While many people think that 1D are just five guys who step on stage in front of thousands every night, sing some songs and that’s it, Pharrell sets the record straight – these guys are seriously hard workers! “I don’t think some people realize how hard those boys work. There is so much more that goes into One Direction than just the band,” he said. “They are a brand and are huge. They are incredibly hard-working. I’m sure it will excite our female fans if we’re on a record together.”

So, since the idea is out there and Pharrell has gone on record about it, this kind of has to happen, am I right?

How do you feel about Pharrell working with 1D?