DJ’s are taking over the music scene! Before, they would be the ones backing major artists on stage but now, they’re front and center at their very own shows. Since we know you all love up and coming artists, we felt it was time to get to know Smirnoff’s official DJ and VH1’s Master of the Mix champion DJ JayCeeOh!

Chelsea Briggs caught up with the talented mixer at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas to chat all about his life post-show win, working with some of the biggest names in music, like Wiz Khalifa and Macklemore, as well as his advice to aspiring DJ’s who want to bust into the business. Oh, and obviously we had to put him in the Hollywire Hot Seat!

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Since Master of the Mix was created by Smirnoff, JayCeeOh now takes on the role as the brands one and only official DJ, which he couldn’t be more stoked about. “It’s awesome! Smirnoff, they created Master of the Mix, which enabled me to get on television, win this huge prize and now my career’s just been taken off to new heights. To a point where I’m on stage with guys, like Justin Timberlake and Drake – I’m on the bill at iHeartRadio Music Festival, so it’s amazing.”

Getting your start in the DJ world isn’t an easy fleet but JayCeeOh has some words of wisdom for all you aspiring mixers! “First and foremost, practice. Get good at what you do because a lot of people, especially in the DJ world, it’s so accessible to call yourself a DJ before you pay any dues or have any know how to actually rock a party. Once you’re at a point when you know how to really do it, you gotta have a goal, a brand, you gotta hit it end on and be focused and never give up.”

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And what artists would you like to see him work with? Justin Timberlake?