Did Ashton Kutcher put a ring on it?

The hottest woman in the world Mila Kunis was spotted picking up flowers in Studio City, CA last Wednesday and sporting a simple, gold band on that finger, causing the rumor mill to start pumping out engagement talk. Sure, it could just simply be a piece of jewelry to go with her “running errands” look – but on her left ring finger? It’s like she’s just asking for speculation.

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This is obviously isn’t the first time marriage talk has been brought up between Mila and Ashton, who have been dating since April 2012. A source told VH1 back in June that wedding chit chat was definitely happening between the two and said they “are totally going to marry, we just don’t know when.”

Ashton and Mila’s former That 70’s Show co-star Laura Prepon spoke out about a possible wedding at an event for her Netflix show Orange Is The New Black, saying, “Of course I will [be there]. Are you kidding? All of us are going to be right up there on the alter.”

Next question: how do we get an invite to this wedding?

Do you think Ashton has finally popped the question?

Or does Mila just really love to wear simple jewelry?

Photos Courtesy of Fame FlyNet