We can never seem to get enough of the dance movies that hit our movie screens and Battle of the Year is the latest addition to our fancy footwork obsession.

In the movie a basketball coach (Josh Holloway) is hired to shape up a dream team of B-boy dancers for the international Battle of The Year tournament, in the hopes of bringing home the American victory trophy, a feat that they've lost for the last fifteen years. Battle of the Year is in theaters now.

After getting a peek of this film, it made us think about some of the other epic movie dance moments from the past 20 years. From Bring It On to Step Up and of course Silver Linings Playbook, here are seven of our favorite triumphant dance movie moments that we just can't stop watching.


Step Up

The role that helped Channing Tatum capture the hearts of women everywhere, his character, Tyler, showed everyone that he really does have what it takes to be taken seriously as a dancer – especially with the help of his lovely partner Nora (Jenna Dewan-Tatum).


Save the Last Dance

Sara (Julia Stiles) revisits her long-time dream of dancing at Juilliard Dance School thanks to the encouragement of her newfound love Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas) following the tragic death of her mother. She attempts another audition for the famous dance school, which she completely nails, and it still gives us goose bumps!


You Got Served

Competing in the fierce competition against a group of tough street dancers, David (Omarion), Elgin (Marques Houston) and the rest seriously make this final dance battle look completely effortless! Seriously, have you ever tried some of those moves? They’re hard!


Bring It On

No stolen routines here! After being forced to create something seriously original and seriously epic, the Toros turn to a wide variety of dance to come up with a routine that made us all want to run out and join competitive cheerleading.


Silver Linings Playbook

This dance routine is so bad that it’s good. And while they may have rocked out to The White Stripes, had an awkward dance mishap and left the audience horrified, it had us laughing hysterically ultimately winning them the score they needed!


Napoleon Dynamite

The most amazing high school talent show dance the world has ever seen. You know that you stood in front of your TV and tried this dance – don’t lie to us!


Little Miss Sunshine

So, these aren’t the moves a seven-year-old should be doing on stage but how funny is the entire dance with her family? A family that dances together, stays together.


Which movie dance moment is your favorite?