It’s happened! One Direction has fallen victim to a pesky song leak when their supposedly unfinished “Diana” hit the web last weekend. But wait… this really doesn’t make any sense. The biggest boy band in the world who pretty much has the security service surrounding them and their music had an unauthorized song go on the Internet.

Well 1D, Chelsea Briggs has one question: WTF!

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We’ve had all summer to jam out to “Best Song Ever” and then we found out that a brand new 1D album, Midnight Memories, would be coming our way in November! Funny enough, “Diana” leaks when it wasn’t supposed to, giving fans a taste of what could possibly come from our favorite British boy band. But honestly, we don’t buy it. We don’t buy the fact that the song actually leaked – it was probably put out by their management to create buzz!

And 1D aren’t the only stars to have been a victim of supposed “hackers.” Lady Gaga is the most recent one when “Applause” hit the web just days prior to its release, causing major buzz. Just like Miley Cyrus’ “Twerk” duet with Justin Bieber following her VMA controversy.

Look we get it, “leaks” can actually be good for a career – but here’s our WTF Lesson of the Day: Don't cry over spilled milk or leaked tracks, we’re totally onto you!

What do you think about 1D’s supposed leaked song?

Was it actually leaked or was it on purpose?