Attention! Gather around Beehive members! Beyoncé gave us a teeny, tiny sneak peek at a brand new song and yes, it’s the most beautiful thing you’ll hear all day.

Bey’s documentary Life is But a Dream that premiered on HBO last year is coming to DVD and in the newly released trailer, bits and pieces of her song “God Made You Beautiful” makes an appearance. And the fact that it’s about her daughter Blue Ivy makes it that much better.

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In the trailer, we see Beyoncé opening up about her pregnancy news, showing her adorable belly bump and yes, baby Blue makes an appearance. She sings the lyrics, “When you were born / The angels sighed in delight / They never thought they’d see such a beautiful sight.” So, can Beyoncé adopt us and write a beautiful ballad in our honor too?

Oh, and to make this all even more adorable, Beyoncé posted a photo on her Instagram of her and Blue, all decked out in their Halloween costumes!

What do you think about Beyoncé’s new song?