Get ready, you guys because it’s about to get hot in here!

We should have known we’d have a music video like this coming for Bruno Mars’ “Gorilla” after hearing the steamy lyrics. And now, the video has arrived and it features Bruno as a strip club singer and Frieda Pinto as a stripper. So… happy Wednesday!

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So here’s the jest of the video: Frieda plays Isabella, the new addition to the club, which is owned by Luis Guzmán. To make her big entrance, a sweaty Bruno strikes up the band with “Gorilla” as he and the rest of the crew gaze as she pulls off some serious, gravity-defying pole moves. Fast forward and then we find her and Bruno getting pretty steamy in the backseat of a car. Wowza! Let’s plenty more happening but we’ll just let you watch the video yourself.

We’re not really sure if Bruno will perform this song at the Super Bowl Halftime Show since it’s kind of a family-friendly event. Let’s not forget how certain people got a little too upset over Beyoncé’s performance last year. We say do it, Bruno!

What are your thoughts on the video?

Loved it or was it a bit too much?