People are still talking about Lorde’s comments revolving around Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez (which you can get the full story here) and now, Cher Lloyd is stepping in and giving her opinion. Spoiler alert: she wasn’t too happy.

J-14 caught up with the spunky British singer and asked her her opinion on Lorde’s not-so-flattering comments on Taylor and Selena and turns out, she had no idea about it. “No way! Why does she have to go do that? She’s doing so well – what a knob. Why would she do that? She’s sitting at number one,” she said. After the mag filled her in on what exactly she had to say about the two biggest pop stars in the world, Cher immediately thought that it’s something she’ll regret.

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“I think she’s going to eat her words, which she obviously already has, and I think for someone who’s gaining so much success so early, she should be considering herself lucky, it takes a lot of work,” she said. “You know what though? If she said something about me, it’d be a different story. I wouldn’t stand for any of that, I’d be straight back on it.” Considering how sassy Cher is, that doesn’t surprise us at all.

Once Cher found out that Selena did, in fact, defend herself against Lorde’s comment, she said, “Good for her. I probably would have used foul language.” Talk about drama!

What do you think about Cher’s comments to Lorde? Do you agree with her?

And what about the whole drama in general? Are people making way too big a deal out of it?