Season five of The Vampire Diaries is well underway and it’s just as crazy and intense as we could have imagined. But there’s something else happening this season that fans have been waiting to see unfold – Delena! Yes, Elena and Damon have finally gotten together after past seasons of undeniable chemistry between them, even though she was very much in a relationship with his brother Stefan.

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But as we totally are on Team Delena, we can’t help but wonder: what about Stelena? Is Damon really best suited for our girl Elena? In honor of TVD, here are three reasons as to why she should be with Damon – and then here’s three as to why she should be with Stefan!

Damon Salvatore

1. That Smolder -- Let’s not beat around the bush here – Damon is ridiculously good-looking. I mean, those piercing blue eyes, that dark, wispy hair; the guy can practically stare into your soul. Call us shallow here but this guy is the best looking fella in Mystic Falls. Period.

2. He’s a Bad Boy -- Damon’s the guy that makes Elena feel alive, spontaneous, like she can take on anything and everything. Plus, like we said, their chemistry is so perfect because of this.

3. He Would Do Anything For Her – We already saw how fiercely devoted he was to Katherine and we know he would move mountains for Elena. When Damon loves a girl, which isn’t that often obviously, he really loves her, even if she is with his brother.

Stefan Salvatore

1. Their History – As Caroline says, these two have an “epic love!” It’s pretty much like a fairytale: picture perfect. Guy falls in love with girl, girl falls in love with guy, girl finds out guy is a vampire, it’s all so romantic and Stelena fans refuse to forget what these two had.

2. He’s a Protector – Elena gets herself into rough situations, which happens pretty often, and who is always the first one there? Stefan! This guy has saved her life so many times, he's pretty much made it his life goal to make sure she was safe at all times. Well, that was until he passed the torch over to Damon after Elena made the toughest decision a girl has ever had to make.

3. He’s the Good Guy – Stefan is the guy you take home to your parents. While Damon was always the selfish one, Stefan was the one who looked out for Elena’s friends and family whenever trouble arose. Plus, he’s super romantic! Swoon city over here!

You can watch the craziness that is season five of The Vampire Diaries every Thursday at 8 PM on The CW!

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