Cody Simpson needs to change his official title from “Studly Pop Star” to “One of the Hardest Working Men in Pop!” This 16-year-old Australia singer has accomplished so much since he jumped on the scene in 2011 so it only makes sense that he relive his journey in his brand new book Welcome To Paradise: My Journey, out now!

Chelsea Briggs caught up with Cody and got the lowdown on what made him want to create the book and talked new music, touring with Justin Bieber and Halloween!

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Talking about Welcome to Paradise, Cody explained why he felt the need to put his life story and success on page. “I’ve been thinking about it for a bit and I just didn’t have enough to talk about,” he said. “Now there are just so many so opportunities and experiences that I’ve had that are priceless that I wanted to share with people.”

This is only the beginning for Cody and he should get ready to pen another book in the near future. With him hittingthe road with Justin Bieber in Australia, releasing his acoustic EP in November, heading out on an acoustic tour in January – oh, and did we mention he’s already working on his next album? Serious question: does this guy ever sleep?

Will you be picking up Welcome to Paradise: My Journey?