Before Fifth Harmony, there was the biggest girl group of all time that consisted of five sassy ladies from across the pond. We’re talking about The Spice Girls! And while most girl groups dream of reaching the level of success that the ‘90s pop group did, it’s not every day that one of the former members actually endorses it.

That exact moment happened to Fifth Harmony after they put their twist on The Spice Girl’s most popular song “Wannabe” in concert. You can imagine how they reacted.

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Mel B – a.k.a. Scary Spice – got wind of 5H’s cover and took to Twitter to give her honest opinion of the performance. Spoiler alert: it was a rave review! “@FifthHarmony just herd you guys covered "wannabe" love you ladies for that girlpower all the way!!!”

Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello completely fangirled via Twitter, replying, “@OfficialMelB @FifthHarmony THIS IS SO COOL THANKS SO MUCH OMG.” We’re going to guess that there was a whole lot of screaming and running around happening from 5H when they found out. Kind of like their reaction to meeting Ed Sheeran, remember that?

And just to give you an idea of how great 5H did, check out the original version by The Spice Girls themselves!

Which version of “Wannabe” do you love?

Fifth Harmony’s or The Spice Girls’?