Some girls have all the luck! Two of the luckiest sisters in the entire world got plucked out of a One Direction crowd in Australia – by Harry Styles (!!) – and took them out for drinks afterwards. Wait… what the what?!

Sisters Daina and Taryn Coxall, 21 and 19, were in the second row at 1D’s show in Sydney last weekend and clearly caught Hazza’s attention. He then had a member of his team get the numbers of the girls and, along with the group’s guitarist Dan Richards, took them to Melbourne Supper Club until 5AM. Oh, but they didn’t stop there. They then went to Cookie Bar and then went for breakfast afterwards!

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Taryn described Harry as “sweet” to The Australian and Daina said, “Yeah, he was flirtatious, but you could tell that was just his personality. He was just so overly friendly. He gave us a kiss on the cheek and a cuddle when we first saw him.” And, of course, the two sisters have been receiving their fair share of cyber bullying from Directioners, but they don’t take too seriously. “I know that girls just get jealous,” Daina said. “I know they’d all want to meet them and they’d be like, ‘Oh, why do these girls get to meet them?’ I understand their feelings (but) they don’t need to put it on Twitter. But I understand where they’re coming from so I just ignore it.”

In even more Harry news, it’s rumored that he shelled out 15,000 pounds to join Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher and more to join Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic voyage to outer space next year! But even that might not guarantee him a spot aboard. “Harry heard about the voyage a while ago but something triggered his interest in the past few weeks,” a source told The Daily Star. “He’s got no idea if it’s realist with it being so close – with his obligations on the band – but he’s willing to move things around to make it happen. Unfortunately for Harry you need more than money to get a seat at this point as it’s already so late in the game.”

First question, what do you think about Harry picking the fans out for the crowd?

And will Harry actually make it to space?