Are the Jonas Brothers coming to an end?

After fans tried to check up on the band via Twitter, they were devastated to find out that their official account had been deleted! Gone! Nowhere to be found! They instead were welcomed with the message, “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

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There’s no found yet from their team as to why the account had been deleted but considering it comes a week after their tour cancellation, it can’t be good. Kevin, Joe and Nick cancelled their 2013 tour two days before it was scheduled to kick off, due to a “deep rift” in the band and a “disagreement over their music direction.”

It was also earlier this week that Joe was spotted out with an addiction specialist in West Hollywood, leading to allegations that a possible drug addiction could be what’s tearing the group a part. There hasn’t been any word from Joe or the rest of the band on those so for now, they’ll stay as strictly allegations. But one thing is for sure and that’s that we’re wondering what the hell is going on with the JoBros?!

What do you think about their Twitter account being gone?

Could this be the end of the Jonas Brothers?