Monday is starting to become our favorite day of the week! Justin Bieber is continuing his Music Mondays by releasing his new song “All That Matters” and we comes to realize that yes, the Biebs is definitely growing up.

Chelsea Briggs gives you a listen in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Last week we got “Heartbreaker,” this week we get “All That Matters!” We’re starting to realize more and more than Justin has definitely matured with his music and with his vocals. Kicking the song off with an acoustic guitar, he kicks it up a notch with a mid-tempo beat that we love! Produced by Diplo, “All That Matters” is becoming one of our new favorite Bieber tunes!

New music every week for the next 10 weeks isn’t the only thing Justin has up his sleeve. He’s gearing up to release another documentary this Christmas! In fact, he gave us our first sneak peek at Believe showing us that he is growing – and growing a ‘stache! We’re not too excited about that part…

What do you think about Justin’s new song?

Are you loving his new stuff or not so much?