Well it’s about time! We haven’t really heard new music from Justin Bieber in a hot minute (we’re not even going to talk about “Twerk”) and he’s been teasing us about his song “Heartbreaker” for months now. Finally, Bieber is back!

Justin announced on Twitter that starting this Sunday at midnight – meaning Monday – we’ll be releasing a brand new song for the next 10 weeks. #MusicMondays will be kicked off with the song we’ve been waiting for – yup, “Heartbreaker!”

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We kind of had an idea that new music from on the way from the Biebs since Scooter Braun tweeted about it last month. But this isn’t the only thing we have to be excited about – let’s not forget about another Bieber movie coming our way! “and yes... @justinbieber gives u some new music in October until December and then a special movie on Christmas,” Scooter tweeted. “...provided we finish the movie on time @jonmchu.”

So let’s recap, shall we? We get new music every, single week for the next 10 weeks – until December – and then we get another Justin movie! Yup, it’s official: the remainder of 2013 will be dubbed Bieber Mania!

What are you more excited for? New music or the movie?